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    About Us

    Global exposure, a live showroom open 24 hours a day, rapid queries, and possible purchasers! All of this is what B2B entrepreneurs hope for and dream about. The global business village has issued a plea to understand the benefits of the Internet and transform enterprises through effective E-Presence. In today's world, global appeal is required for any firm to thrive in an environment where competition is increasing at every level. With increasing competition, there is a need for commercial companies to market their products and services online and appeal to worldwide clients.

    Simultaneously, the necessity for a shared B2B showroom to display their products and a platform to promote their business became critical. Aside from that, the constant struggle among company owners to transform their businesses in order to attract more potential customers and close more lucrative sales accounted for the creation of a common platform where they may market their businesses online. Indiasuperkart.com is the solution to all, continuing to give you with a single B2B platform where countless manufacturers, wholesale suppliers, importers, exporters, service providers, and others have registered.India Super Kart, a full solution supplier for all your business inquiries, is the site where commercial businesses have profited from much needed marketing and exposure in the present global market climate. Because to the application of matchless technology and inventive procedures, India Super Kart has become a significant source of dependability. This online B2B directory is the home of countless items and enterprises from all over the world, making it the ideal location for anybody looking to see a growth in the global commerce scene.

    Our platform, which was established in 2021, is owned and maintained by Webridgetech Pvt Ltd., one of the major brands in web design and development as well as e-commerce solutions. Webridgetech Pvt Ltd., backed by unrivalled experience and dexterity, has supplied our site with much-needed exposure to the worldwide business sphere. As a result, our site has become the go-to place for all of the needs of both buyers and sellers.

    We are devoted to providing each company owner with maximum exposure to global market circumstances and a platform where they may communicate with their local community. We aspire to be a site where all business entrepreneur needs are met.

    We want to provide worldwide prestige to every firm, no matter how little it is or where it is situated on the planet's surface. As a result of the B2B internet interface, we enable businesses to take a firm stand against their competitors.

    Key Advantages


    • We use highly advanced methods to give your company a new perspective. We include the most recent advancements in this industry to make our clients' businesses well-known internationally.
    • A massive databank including both buyers and sellers from all around the world.
    • The portal's user friendliness has been one of its most notable aspects, drawing a large number of purchasers.
    • Whatever the buyer's needs are, they may identify the appropriate firm that deals in that goods. This is achievable due to the portal's suitable product classification.
    • All business-related information is kept up to date and hence dependable.
    • Companies can register for free.
    • Complete e-commerce solutions at the lowest possible cost.
    • updated information about trade shows—both past and present

    Our Mission

    Our objective is to reach the point where our skills can successfully satisfy the needs of our clients while being completely transparent and cost-effective.

    Our Vision

    To plant the seeds of excellence in services through a customer-centric approach and reap the trust of global clientele.

    Our Team

    The efforts of an experienced and talented workforce are at the heart of our operations. All of our staff members are experts in their industries and stay up to speed on the newest developments.



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    Our Core Values

    Transparent Work Culture - Our words and actions are constantly in sync. We insist on openness in order to be morally, legally, and socially acceptable. Result Orientation - Entails creating clear goals, establishing priorities, coordinating resources, and closely monitoring the project's progress. Customer-Centric Approach - We value the individuality of each customer, as well as his needs and budget, and therefore form out mirror-like solutions. Revolution - Think and act beyond the box through liberating the brains. We also look for undiscovered potential in customer and coworker comments and ideas.